Good day to you all!
First off we would like to thank everyone who took the time to check our comic out, comment and/or like our fb page. Its a real big help to us since this comic was made in labor of love--and grades.

So here's a little bit about the crew; You see this comic was made for school where 3 friends had to join forces and combine their 3 extremely different stories to make a comic for their final project in comic class and together they are called TeamBED (patent pending)

But the team can't accomplish this task on their own! They need the help of you guys to determine the fate of their worlds---and grade point average! So please, lend a hand, give a like!

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I cram like a boss! I'm sorry.

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Hello I'm a can of alcoholic beverage and I cram as much as I breathe.

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Hello! These are mostly rushed but I still hope you enjoy!
I like spaghetti, ossans, and the color green.